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Light_dispersion_conceptual_wavesThe Chroma Khlõros Research Foundation on Ethnocentric Economics and Social Policy is a research organization comprised of Research Fellows in the fields of economics, public policy, sociology, political science or other related fields. Chroma Khlõros will fund research projects in the amount of $500,000 or 50% of its total funding each year (contingent on funding levels).

Our Research Fellows are actively engaged in their fields either in academics, industry or government and have contributed to the national or global dialogue on ethnicity, economics and social policy through their published works and research

The majority of our Research Fellows come from one of the minority groups but we engage the experience, expertise and perspectives of scholars and practitioners from the majority ethnic group.

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These leaders of tomorrow begin making significant contributions to the social and economic landscape even before they complete their undergraduate degree.


In an effort to promote the study and practice of economics and public policy among minority communities Chroma Khlõros earmarks its scholarships primarily for minority students attending minority colleges or universities

And also for minority students studying economics, public policy or related fields at non-minority colleges & universities.

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Students qualify for scholarships of up to $6,000 per year for their participation in research projects which are funded by Chroma Khlõros. Subject to available funding, Chroma Khlõros intends to give 100 scholarships every school year.


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